Got Beethoven?

32 short films (60 seconds each) exploring some of life’s existential conundrums as seen through the lens of 32 year-old pianist ADAM GOLKA to accompany his survey of the complete ouvre of Beethoven’s 32 piano sonatas.

Explore Golka’s 32@32 programs here!

Throughout the year 2020, Adam celebrates Beethoven’s 250th birthday playing all 32 of his sonatas in performances ranging from a single concert (3 – 4 sonatas) to a series of 8 concerts (programs attached) presenting all 32. Each sonata is preceded by a one minute “video thought” inspired by the work. More commentary from the pianist is available on request!

Complete cycles are slated for New York, Houston, Orlando, and Worcester, MA – plus an abridged 3 concert version in Warsaw.  Call if you’d like to join the celebration!